“Before I started this program, I was so scared of the World and shy that I couldn't even leave my house. I hadn't been going to school for 2 years and I had no friends. Youth with Purpose helped me to grow so much confidence—this was a big deal for me. I’ve learned so many life skills which I can use. I’ve also learned how to accept myself, and that’s helped me to accept others. This program has been life-changing for me.”



“Before this program, I wanted to work by myself—I didn’t do the “group thing.” What I’ve learned through Youth with Purpose has helped me to be more social. Now I want to work with people in my class, and I’m not too shy to ask for help from teachers. Before, when I was having a bad day, it was hard to control my emotions—now I’m able to do so. This program has helped me to feel better about myself.”


Youth Development Programs based on Equine Assisted Therapy/Coaching

Youth with Purpose…A New Kind of Horsepower™ located in beautiful Langley, BC (just outside of Vancouver), offers a series of horse-facilitated youth development programs based on the principles of equine therapy.

View the video below to learn how the Youth with Purpose program empowers youth.

Equine assisted therapy is being increasingly used as an approach to enhance emotional growth as well as develop psychological well-being. 

As a Life Coach, Linda-Ann Bowling has developed a special coaching process called Heart-Mind CoachingTM that combines the benefits of personal coaching and equine therapy to provide holistic change and learning.

Our experiential youth programs are designed to teach youth to face the everyday challenges of growing up with confidence and a strong sense of empowerment.

Our Youth Are Struggling

Our youth don’t have it easy. Today’s youth face complex issues like increasing pressures from peers, family members, and even mentors. Achievement pressures, Confusion, Abuse & Sexual Exploitation, Bullying, Isolation, Depression and At-Risk Behaviours are just some of the challenges our youth have to combat with on a daily basis.

A New Future for Youth

What if every youth was empowered to rise above their “story” and life situation to develop real, unshakeable confidence?

In our Youth Development Programs, we partner with horses to deliver powerful, interactive, and experiential non-riding activities to help pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Our programs focus on empowering youth and helping them to make healthy, informed choices so that they can respond to life’s difficulties with courage, self-awareness and confidence.

What Makes our Youth Development Programs Unique & Innovative?

The learning is guided by a herd of horses… why we empower using equine therapy?

  • Horses are easily amongst the most affable animals and most teenagers and young adults develop an instant affinity towards them. Equine therapy is gaining immense popularity as horses make even the most therapy resistant youth to react.
  • Unlike regular equine therapy sessions, Linda-Ann’s Heart-Mind CoachingTM process will involve the development of mental, physical, emotional as well as spiritual aspects of our youth.
  • Horses live in herds, not unlike our human teams – Hence they help youth to better interact with others.
  • As animals of prey, horses have highly developed senses, responding to even subtle emotions that impact their well-being – Horses bring about a calmness in youth, helping them to regulate their physical, mental and emotional state. 
  • For hundreds of years these herds have negotiated their space, learned to work together effectively, communicate clearly and built safety and comfort for their survival – Horses naturally help youth to grow confidence to face the unknown.
  • They know how to make clear requests, learn from each other, maintain healthy boundaries, and build strong leadership – Horses teach youth about safety and boundaries.

Horses are incredible teachers, providing real-time feedback with an immediacy of action that allows us to know ourselves better and become more self-aware at a deep, transformative level. 


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Learn More About Our Youth Development Programs

Learn more about the Youth With Purpose program.

Help Youth Succeed

Inspire a youth you care about to succeed (with the help of two and four-legged friends). For more information, and to request a referral form (if needed), email Linda-Ann Bowling, Master Coach and Program Facilitator or call 604-889-4452


Listen to “Wish Away,” Our Signature Song!

Click below to listen to Youth with Purpose’s signature song “Wish Away,” (Lyrics & Music by Pinto [Amin] Miremadi, Sung by Kesia Nagata). Be inspired by the words and music as you think about someone who could benefit from this program. 

 Wish Away

Contact Details

Linda-Ann Bowling
Master Life Coach & Program Facilitator
Langley (Vancouver), BC


Click below to listen to Youth with Purpose’s signature song “Wish Away," (Lyrics & Music by Pinto [Amin] Miremadi, Sung by Kesia Nagata).

Be inspired by the words and music as you think about someone who could benefit from this program.

Wish Away


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